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As one of the top-leading independent business news sites, eMagnify magazine is a definitive digital magazine dedicated to startups, entrepreneurship, and business news. We strive to connect and engage with today’s business leaders on our platform. 

Connect with Influencers 


eMagnify reaches intelligent, affluent and creative business owners both big and small, along with global leaders who are involved with decisions, influences, and purchases of their growing companies. We declare a new era of business influencers and startup brands. 

Our readers are CEOs and founders who are always looking to discover new and visual growth by using the best tools, practices, and perspectives of the world of entrepreneurship. 

eMagnify magazine has continued to build strong relationships with the directors and owners of the most creative and success brands from  all over the world. Using our current dominance in the business community, we have created an extraordinary active online community who use e-magnify.com as their first choice of news for the latest new, updates, advice, tips, tutorials and information. 

Quality content 


Our journalists are committed to discovering only the best and most informative content for eMagnify magazine. We are always working with our subscribers to cover topics that they demand. 

eMagnify magazine utilizes the magazine editorial and brings in hot discussions, interviews, news and a directory of services and products on the market. 

Innovative Format 


As an online & print magazine, eMagnify can be accessed through some forms to match the demand of our audience. We provide news, updates, and alerts directly through email-newsletters to give our subscribers instant news on demand.  

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